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Wired Intercom Systems

These systems can provide many years of good service provided:

  • Cables are correctly installed.
  • It is protected from insect invasion (especially ants and spiders).
  • Measures are in place to minimize lightning damage.

Wireless intercom systems still add great value to Home Security configurations.


Cabling for Wired Intercom Systems

Cabling is required for powering up intercom systems. There are two main configurations depending on the brand:

  • The handsets are plugged directly into an electrical socket.
  • separate power supply (usually 12v DC) powers the system. This intercom power supply plugs directly into an electrical power point.

Electricity can be lethal. Get professional help !

8-core Intercom Cable

Multi-core intercom cable between the different units makes communication possible. The standard commercially available intercom cables of 0,2 mm thick is suitable for most intercom installations. Be aware that a thicker (up to 0,8 mm) cable may be required for some intercoms over longer distances.

There must be enough wire strands for the speech and call functions. 

It is also customary to provide extra core to allow one to monitor the status of the gate, especially if it cannot be seen from the house.Additional core to open any gates from the handsets may be required.

Since cable will invariably be installed in the ground, the roof, and on walls, it is exposed to damage.

  • The first rule is to install cabling as far away from harmful activities such as gardening, etc. 
  • The second rule is to provide enough spare core should there be damage to the cable at a later stage. 

It is often necessary to double up on intercom cable on distances over 30 meter. Ensure that there is enough spare core should it become necessary. 

Cable should be installed in PVC pipes to further minimize risk of damage.Also, allow for extra cable should there be a need to later upgrade and/ or change.


Protect Intercoms from Lightning and Electrical Surges

Lightning Over City Lights

With so much cable running over long distances,lightning damage is a great thread to intercoms in certain regions.

At minimum, the electrical supply to the power supply must be protected with an adequate surge protector. Surge protector plugs are freely available from electrical outlets or hardware stores.  Electrical surges due to unstable electrical supply from service providers are also quite common in certain areas.

In areas where lightning is severe, additional protection may be necessary between the different units of the intercom system. We have this specialized equipment available on request

Protect against Insect Damage

Spiders and ants causes havoc with intercom electronic equipment, especially the gate station. They seek out the protection and slight heat emitted by the electronics.

Spray regularly with long-life insecticides. Moth balls placed inside the unit acts as a deterrent.

Popular Brands - For harsh South African conditions

These products are equally suitable for home- and office use.

There are many home intercom system brands available. Many are NOT suitable for the harsh South African conditions.

These brands discussed here are are merely a representation of the most sought after wired intercom systems. Do not hesitate to call us if you want to discuss products not found here.Most of these systems have proven themselves reliable in our harsh South African weather conditions.

These are just some of the popular brands we've been using for nearly three decades mainly in Gauteng, South Africa:

  • BPT Intercom
  • Polo Intercom System
  • Commax Intercom
  • Commax Video Intercom


Polo Intercom System

Polo Intercom Gate Station and Handset

The Polo is a stylish locally manufactured modular home intercom system with great value for money.

The Polo handsets can be configured into two groups (no group can have more than three handsets). The gate station has two call buttons; each can be configured to call a different group of handsets.This system can be configured by combining a maximum of five sub-units. It is possible for example to have two gate stations and three handsets.

The two handset groups can intercommunicate with each other. Handsets within a group can not intercommunicate amongst themselves.

This configuration makes it ideal where the main residence wants to separate itself from visitors to a granny flat, the servant’s quarters, or a home-office while at the same time wants to be able to maintain intercommunication with the other group.

The total cable limit is 150 meters.



BPT Intercom System

BPT Intercom One Button Gate Station

The BPT intercom is a popular home intercom system.

It has an excellent speech quality and is ideal for the larger domestic application, especially where long distances are required to specified needs of the client. BPT is a trusted brand with an excellent track record, although the price is a bit higher.


BPT Intercom Handset


Commax Intercom

The Commax home intercom system is a world-known brand and offer a large range of intercom and video systems. The basic kit consisting of a gate station and one or two handsets has been a local favorite for many years.

The Commax intercom is not modular. The basic system cannot be extended. Once you have chosen a one-handset system, it is not possible to add any more to it.There are mains operated (220 volt) and 12 volt systems available.

Cabling is minimal; two speech cables are required between the gate station and the handset. Do not exceed the 30 meter cable limitation.

Do you want to open your gate from the handset? Two more wires are required to the gate motor or electric lock.