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Network Keyboard & Control Keyboard & Dome keyboard



  • Keyboard to Control
  • -Dahua High Speed Dome (all models)
  • -Dahua Standalone DVR (KBD1000 & NKB1000 only)
  • -Dahua Network High Speed Dome (NKB1000 only)
  • -Network Video Server (NKB1000 only)
  • Connection
  • -NKB1000: RS485, RS422, USB, RS232 & Network
  • -KBD1000: RS485, RS422, USB & RS232
  • -KB1000 : RS485, RS422 & USB
  • Three Dimensional Joystick Control of PTZ Functions
  • Preset Position, Auto Scan, Auto Pan, Auto Tour & Pattern Control
  • Auxiliary Functions
  • On-Screen Menu & User Operation Procedure Tips
  • Connect to Sma


Technical Specifications

Model DH-NKB100 DH-KBD100 DH-KB1000
Keyboard Keypanel Electromechanical
Joystick  3-axis, vector-solving, with twisting, return to-center head
Keyboard Connector RJ-45,RS232,RS485,RS422,USB,  RS232,RS485,RS422  RS485,RS422
Keyboard Communication Direct Mode, Network Mode Direct Mode Direct Mode
Direct Mode
Interface: RS232/RS485
DVR Protocol: DH2
Network Mode
Interface: RJ45
DVR/Network Dome:
IP Address/Port/Protocol
N/A N/A 
Display  LCD, 75.2mm x 33.85mm
Power Supply Power adapter, input 100V~240V 50Hz / 60Hz,output DC12V/1000mA
Power Consumption 5W
Working Temperature -10??~+55??
Working Humidity 10%~90%
Atmosphere Pressure 86kpa~106kpa
 Dimension  330mmx160(140)mmx37.5(21)mm (W×D×H) (height: 100mm including joystick)
Weight 2.5KG