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Vivotek [SD8121] 12x Zoom H.264 Day/Night 3D Noise Reduction Network PTZ Camera

VIVOTEK SD8121, equipped with a 12x optical zoom lens, is a high performance day/night speed dome network camera geared for professional surveillance applications, representing another significant addition to VIVOTEKs high-end H.264 network camera portfolio.

Adopting a 12x optical zoom lens and utilizing SONY's EXView CCD sensor, this network camera allows for not only close-up images with exceptional detail from a faraway distances, but also crystal-clear, razor-sharp video of fast-moving objects without jagged edges. With a sophisticated pan/tilt mechanism, it provides fast, precise movement with endless 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt. The user can easily control the lens position via mouse or joystick to track the object of interest and set up to 128 preset positions for patrolling.

The day and night functionality also makes the SD8121 ideal for operating under diverse lighting conditions. When lighting conditions turn poor, the IR-cut filter will automatically disengage to accept IR illumination and improve image quality. With the new 2D & 3D noise reduction technology, environmental noise is removed to provide crystal clear nighttime video and the camera automatically switches from color to black and white, assuring optimal image quality at all times. Additional advanced features, including 3GPP mobile surveillance, two-way audio via SIP protocol, and digital I/O for external sensors & alarms, make the VIVOTEK SD8121 a full-featured speed dome and a suitable solution for all levels of enterprise projects such as airports, parking lots, and shopping malls, where high-level reliability and precision are an absolute must.

Main Features:

{C}{C}{C}·        SONY EXview HAD CCD Sensor in D1 Resolution

{C}{C}{C}·        12x Zoom Lens

{C}{C}{C}·        360° Continuous Pan and 190° Tilt

{C}{C}{C}·        Removable IR-cut Filter for Day & Night Function

{C}{C}{C}·        Real-time H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG Compression

{C}{C}{C}·        Multiple Simultaneous Streams

{C}{C}{C}·        3D Noise Reduction for Clear Nighttime Images

{C}{C}{C}·        Activity Adaptive Streaming for Dynamic Frame Rate Control

{C}{C}{C}·        3GPP Mobile Surveillance

{C}{C}{C}·        Two-way Audio via SIP Protocol

{C}{C}{C}·        Built-in SD/SDHC Card Slot for On-board Storage

{C}{C}{C}·        Supports ONVIF Standard

Warranty: 2-Years