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Covert Cameras

Covert cameras are known by many different names, including covert cameras, spy cameras, hidden cameras, covert surveillance, and covert CCTV systems. A covert camera is usually a CCD device connected to a miniature camera circuit board. The miniature camera device can be connected wirelessly with a battery source for short periods of time or connected to a permanent power supply for longer term use.

Wireless hidden spy cameras can be installed in many small everyday objects, a hidden spy camera can be fitted into a soft toy, or anywhere that can conceal a miniature camera board and tiny lenses, the size of a pin-hole. But a hidden camera video would need a larger container to be hidden in, usually the covert camera recording device is hidden away in a secure area, hidden cameras can be very hard to find and usually virtually impossible to detect with the naked eye.

Wireless pinhole cameras are generally used as a short term solution to crime, a professionally installed covert camera is a cost effective solution to long term problems.

A covert camera in professional environments will usually be fitted into devices that would be familiar in their surroundings for example an alarm sensor or smoke detector. Hidden camera covert surveillance can also be fitted into clocks.