Technical installer teams :the best in the business!

Our Complete Security Intelligence technical teams have proven themselves in the security industry for several years, not only assisting our clients diligently, but also other security companies and their clients...yes that's how good we are! Remaining humble in the services we render, we do strive above and beyond with each service call and each installation to live up to our high standards of technical delivery. 

Usually having many teams out in the field each day, there will always be a standby team assisting in any emergency situation. 

Our technical vision was somewhat of a dream to the industry....making extravagant large installations , that are not possible to most other teams in the industry, end up delivering more than just security and also a more secure way of living. 

Gaining success in large deployment trailers for sub-military standard operations not only with government but also the police force, we are so proud to say our technical department is truly unsurpassed in skills and delivery. No installation is too big or too small for our teams.