CSI Security is well known in the Gauteng and surrounding areas for delivering the best possible service at competitive prices. With over a decade of security background, our teams of specialists are well known in their fields of expertise.  

Combining large scale CCTV , Guarding, off site monitoring, electric fencing, alarm systems, perimeter security , COC certification for electric fencing (certificate of compliance), upgrades, free 10 point security assessments, garage doors, security lights, gate and garage automation, remotes and panic units, perimeter palisading, biometric solutions, estate maintenance solutions, intricate farm and small holding security, business/corporate security and access control. With our guarding and armed response, we can guarantee that Your Security is Our Priority. So much so that we have made this our slogan!

We cater to our client’s specific security needs and combine the most capable solution according to our client's specifications. South Africa is renowned for it’s crime and corruption world wide. However we can choose NOT to become victims and prevent this factor from affecting us, our families and our businesses.

CSI Security will be honoured to secure you today!

Close circuit television has proven to be one of the most efficient and effective security systems to date. Empowering the end user client to go back on footage and ensure their security has visual proof of any crime suspected. As cctv have different divisions they partake in security with their individual benefits and quality, you can choose covert camera systems for personal or business security without exposing the fact that recordings are taking place to ensure the element of surprise is

The intricate world of alarm systems have been in the industry for many many years. The market has also unveiled several different types and makes of alarm systems, constantly competing for the technological high rankers bringing out top of the range end user systems. Alarms have more or less the same basic features available on the market, although it is safe to say that different signatory features are located in each specific system to still ensure it's unique mark in the security industr

Security access control consists of several different integrational catagories such as Magnetic lock systems with entry/exit control and a z/l bracket auto close door arm also connected to a battery back up power supply unit for added security. This system can also be integrated with access control through digital access units and striker lock systems as well as biometric systems of all different kinds and functions, designed to suite every client's needs, wheather it be a basic system or